Original character doodles.

Old friends

Busts of some original characters shared between a friend and me. I’ve actually tweaked her outfit a little, but nothing well enough to post. I think it’s crazy whenever I tweak a character that’s been around for 10+ years, but it’s still fun.

Commissions and my love for them

So my friend Micah was doing sketch commissions to raise money to help Japan, so naturally I jumped on it! I absolutely LOVE IT when people draw my characters. My blogging is so new though that anyone who pokes in here doesn’t really know my characters that well yet but hopefully as time goes along I’ll post more of them!

ANYWAY he finished one of two of my drawings and I just loovvee it soooo muuchh!! She is ADORABLE, ISN’T SHE? I think he draws her better than I do, what’s up with that? Anyway I just can’t express how much I love this it’s just a;lkdjswdkal’fjdg

I wanted to draw a corset

I decided to sit down and do some digital drawing today. I had to warm up but as I got going I felt better and now I’m kind of sad that I need to do start making dinner! So I will show you what I worked on most today. Oh, and I decided to add some nifty free background texture since all the cool kids are doing it!

This is Mikaylia. Maybe. Well, she WAS Mikaylia…then she became Kaelia…and now I’m fiddling around with a different name for her entirely, but as I said before, I’m so bad with coming up with names that it’ll probably be a while, so for the moment she’s still Mika, I suppose. She’s been elusive to me…I’ve had her design in place for years but whenever I try to carve out a backstory or purpose for her, there’s been a block. But I think I’ve finally got a seed of who she is and who she will become, so I hope that will eventually grow so I can explain her better. We can hope at least!