My goal this year is to post more, even if I just have unfinished doodles. I enjoy drawing and I would like to share my work, even if my drawings aren’t colored and inked and pretty. I think doodles sometimes have the best character and expression in them, and I hope you enjoy them too!

Here is Anna from Frozen. I’m planning on finishing this one sometime to add to the group. And Elsa, of course!

Old friends

Busts of some original characters shared between a friend and me. I’ve actually tweaked her outfit a little, but nothing well enough to post. I think it’s crazy whenever I tweak a character that’s been around for 10+ years, but it’s still fun.

Far from the shire

I drew this on a notecard during a convention. It was supposed to be a hobbit girl, but you can’t really tell that, can you? Haha, I’ll try and do a better hobbit next time!

Ugly Ushiko

This just kind of degraded more and more as I fooled with it so I’m just going to throw it up here and not touch it anymore. =P

I decided to sit down and do some digital drawing today. I had to warm up but as I got going I felt better and now I’m kind of sad that I need to do start making dinner! So I will show you what I worked on most today. Oh, and I decided to add some nifty free background texture since all the cool kids are doing it!

This is Mikaylia. Maybe. Well, she WAS Mikaylia…then she became Kaelia…and now I’m fiddling around with a different name for her entirely, but as I said before, I’m so bad with coming up with names that it’ll probably be a while, so for the moment she’s still Mika, I suppose. She’s been elusive to me…I’ve had her design in place for years but whenever I try to carve out a backstory or purpose for her, there’s been a block. But I think I’ve finally got a seed of who she is and who she will become, so I hope that will eventually grow so I can explain her better. We can hope at least!

I think I should update this

Hey all, sorry it’s been a bit! I hope everyone had a great Holiday season and a happy New Year! It was pretty busy around here for a bit, but things have calmed down now. I have some doodles to dump today, I was lazy in getting them all scanned in but I’m glad I finally got it done. I keep forgetting to throw a watermark or something on them (signature?) but they’re doodles so I really don’t worry about it that much.

Here’s some Ushiko’s I’ve been doodling around. Ushiko is the character mascot for Ushicon, a convention in Austin, TX. I’ve always had problems drawing her but for some reason I keep coming back and trying.

Some of my own original characters. The elf on the far left has been around for 10+ years, and the other two are characters I’m still stuggling to establish even though they’re getting on in age themselves. Especially the main girl of the duo, I want to change her name but I haven’t found a suitable replacement yet! I’ve always been so weak with names. =P They’re finally starting to come together though, slowly.

This is another character of mine named Robin. I originally made her to go with a friend’s character when we used to draw together. I ended up using her in one of my final projects in school, where she became an artist who secretly draws romance comics about her and her crush getting together.

And well, we’ll end with some Rapunzel, why not? I still love her.

I wish WordPress would resize pictures better…they’re either REALLY HUGE or really really small. I have to say, it kind of makes me nervous to post my pictures and have them be ALL IN YOUR FACE but I guess it’s better than them being all tiny, right?

The soundtrack is good too

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We had both families over for ours and it turned out so great (thank goodness!) We tried this oil-less turkey fryer for our turkey and it was the first time we had ever used it, so I was kind of afraid we would mess it up but it turned out really yummy!

We also went and saw Tangled on Friday! I adored it! It was soooo good! See it, seriously. I want to watch it again already. Also, the Art of Tangled book is such a good book! (This post is apparently all about me gushing over stuff, but I can’t help it!)

So I doodled some Rapunzel while listening to the Tangled soundtrack.

She still doesn’t look exactly right though. I’ll have to keep working on it!


Just a quick post today, I thought I’d share an accidental self portrait I did when I was doodling around:


I was inspired by Disney’s Tangled and listening to the Shrek musical soundtrack, so I started doodling two of my characters, Kaelia and Gandir. Just quick headshots, but I was happy with them so I scanned them to post online.

Speaking of Tangled, I am so excited to see this movie. I already really like the characters from what I can tell from the trailers so I really hope I’ll enjoy it! Okay, I know I’ll enjoy it, but I’m so curious to see what they’re going to do with it!