Commissions and my love for them, part 3

Yay commissions! This one was done by the awesomely talented Katie Shanahan, aka Ktshy! DON’T THEY LOOK GREAT TOGETHER? They are so cute! I’m so bad at expressing how much I love commissions that I just gush like an idiot and then dsaf;sdfjaslkdjgasgd

Honestly at this point I think the small amount of people who watch this have seen more of these two through commissions than by MY OWN HAND, but you know what that’s okay because I love it and honestly I think people are going to be disappointed when I draw them now. I KIND OF SET MYSELF UP, WHOOPS.

Commissions and my love for them part 2

My second commission from Micah! He’s so flippin’ talented!

Commissions and my love for them

So my friend Micah was doing sketch commissions to raise money to help Japan, so naturally I jumped on it! I absolutely LOVE IT when people draw my characters. My blogging is so new though that anyone who pokes in here doesn’t really know my characters that well yet but hopefully as time goes along I’ll post more of them!

ANYWAY he finished one of two of my drawings and I just loovvee it soooo muuchh!! She is ADORABLE, ISN’T SHE? I think he draws her better than I do, what’s up with that? Anyway I just can’t express how much I love this it’s just a;lkdjswdkal’fjdg