In the name of Venus

Sailor Venus (or Sailor V) was always my favorite Sailor Scout. Don’t tell the others.

And we’re the…

I’m a big fan of the youtube channel Game Grumps!

Lighting the way

Lux, from League of Legends


Instead of posting them one by one, here are all of the princesses I’ve done so far. I’m planning on adding more, of course!

I Know You

In February I’m going to be in my first convention Artist Alley, so I’m making buttons of my favorite characters. I’m both scared and excited for this new venture, I hope it goes well!

Learning curve

Original character of mine named Robin – was practicing coloring in Paint Tool Sai. It’s tough learning a new program (plus I’m still trying to get better at painting in general!) This needs some work but I thought I’d throw it up here anyway since I don’t do colored things as much as I’d like.


It is becoming hot hot hot here! Swimming feels so nice. Love summer!


It’s getting warmer!

This is my pregnant friend who is due this month!

League of Legends Lunar Revel Contest Entry

I didn’t win anything, but it was still fun to do!