I decided to sit down and do some digital drawing today. I had to warm up but as I got going I felt better and now I’m kind of sad that I need to do start making dinner! So I will show you what I worked on most today. Oh, and I decided to add some nifty free background texture since all the cool kids are doing it!

This is Mikaylia. Maybe. Well, she WAS Mikaylia…then she became Kaelia…and now I’m fiddling around with a different name for her entirely, but as I said before, I’m so bad with coming up with names that it’ll probably be a while, so for the moment she’s still Mika, I suppose. She’s been elusive to me…I’ve had her design in place for years but whenever I try to carve out a backstory or purpose for her, there’s been a block. But I think I’ve finally got a seed of who she is and who she will become, so I hope that will eventually grow so I can explain her better. We can hope at least!

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  • Tolarin

    Looks good! I’m gonna be slightly critical tho: The little collar tying up thing on her shirt…. it’s kinda odd. It feels like there should be more conformity to her body. As it is, it looks REALLY flat upon her and unnatural. You can kinda see the bend in her shirt from her chest and something similar should theoretically be happening to that piece of fabric as well.

    Beyond that, it looks real good!

    • Actually, I think some of my best doodles are those when I draw while I on the phone. I cesofns, unlike most women I absolutely hate talking on the the phone; drawing is my way of not getting super bored. However I think its the fact that I am not trying too hard that actually leads to the interesting looking forms(and they’re quite varied too – faces, creatures,spirals,vehicles etc). I wish I could get that sort of disconnected doodling into my other sketches.

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