Small bit of something I started working on:

It’s giving me some trouble because there is a MAN BODY in it and I have problems with man bodies. =P Plus I want him to have this expression and it’s not coming through right so it’s like adslfaflakvnanqe


So I made a Tumblr? All the cool kids are doing it! (Plus I’m following some and it’s so much easier to keep them all in one place vs having several bookmarks!)

mikabell dot tumblr dot com

Apparently you can change your name so I just went with that for now. Hopefully will cross post stuff here and there!


Cowgirl Ushiko! I’m actually not sure where this will end up, but I’m happy to have finished it!


Here’s a teaser of something I’ve been working on for a new Ushicon flyer:

Ugly Ushiko

This just kind of degraded more and more as I fooled with it so I’m just going to throw it up here and not touch it anymore. =P