Old friends

Busts of some original characters shared between a friend and me. I’ve actually tweaked her outfit a little, but nothing well enough to post. I think it’s crazy whenever I tweak a character that’s been around for 10+ years, but it’s still fun.

Far from the shire

I drew this on a notecard during a convention. It was supposed to be a hobbit girl, but you can’t really tell that, can you? Haha, I’ll try and do a better hobbit next time!

Ugly Ushiko

This just kind of degraded more and more as I fooled with it so I’m just going to throw it up here and not touch it anymore. =P

I decided to sit down and do some digital drawing today. I had to warm up but as I got going I felt better and now I’m kind of sad that I need to do start making dinner! So I will show you what I worked on most today. Oh, and I decided to . . . → Read More:

I think I should update this

Hey all, sorry it’s been a bit! I hope everyone had a great Holiday season and a happy New Year! It was pretty busy around here for a bit, but things have calmed down now. I have some doodles to dump today, I was lazy in getting them all scanned in but I’m glad . . . → Read More: I think I should update this


Just a quick post today, I thought I’d share an accidental self portrait I did when I was doodling around:

Happy Birthday, Lezlie!!

This post is dedicated to one of my awesome friends, Lezlie! I wanted to give her something for her birthday, so I decided to draw her!

Here’s a black and white version in case she wants to mess with it any:

And here is Lezlie just being cool, and standing in . . . → Read More: Happy Birthday, Lezlie!!


I was inspired by Disney’s Tangled and listening to the Shrek musical soundtrack, so I started doodling two of my characters, Kaelia and Gandir. Just quick headshots, but I was happy with them so I scanned them to post online.

Speaking of Tangled, I am so excited to see this movie. I already . . . → Read More: Fairytales

Doodle test drive

I’m going to test this blog by putting up some doodles I did a month or so ago of who I call, “Hoodie Girl”; at the time I was thinking about Scott Pilgrim the game (which is so fun BTW), and I thought she would fit into the Scott Pilgrim universe the best out . . . → Read More: Doodle test drive